There’s always a lot to do and learn and I wish that 2018 will be a good year of growth, personal and technical. Here are some goals that I want to complete this year.

Learn about distributed systems.

Currently I have the opportunity to be working in the development of a distributed system. Is not an easy task and it’s harder when most of the people in the team doesn’t know about how to build such systems. I was reading Caitie McCaffrey’s resources to getting started on DistSys and I found them very interesting. It’s an exciting topic to build something that can scale up and for sure this will be important in the industry in 2018.

Attend a couple of conferences.

I want (need) to get out of my comfort zone, and that implies that I need to talk more with people. Conferences are good to learn about new stuff, but the best part is to have the chance to meet the people I admire. I can see the talks from the last year RustConf but I don’t have the opportunity to talk with the people that was there.

I want to attend to the RustConf or another Rust conference.

Rust (a lot) more!.

I Rust on my spare time and I’ve learned a little but is not enough and my progress is slow. I need to do it more frequently like any everyday language. Rust is a fantastic language and it will give a really good advantage to anyone interested on build systems in the future. Also, the lessons I learned from Rust can be applied to any other programming language.

It was good to help a little to Rust in 2017 with the libz blitz initiative. I (somehow) helped driving with the evaluation of the ThreadPool crate and also I wrote an example on the rust-cookbook. Is far to be impressive but I want to be more active.

Keep blog updated

Keep writting here. There’s a lot I can share but sometimes the lazyness wins. I don’t have a defined cadence on which I would like to update this blog, but I want to be able to detect when I have something interesting to share with the world.