• Downloading MERRA-2 data

    The MERRA-2 database provides a web service to download the requested information, however this system is not flexible enough to download a big amount of information. According to their instructions, wget can be used to download the files once a file list is generated. The problem is that for certain... [Read More]
  • Signal Processing Operations

    For analog signals, most of the processing operations are performed in the time domain, on the other side, for discrete-time signals the time and frequency domain operations are employed. [Read More]
  • Deploy a virtual StarlingX Simplex node

    I’ve been working in this project for one year and a half and has been a great experience in many ways. Currently the StarlingX 2.0 was announced, were some big changes and features were introduced. [Read More]
  • Using docker as building environment

    The normal usage of docker is to be used as a container for an application. That’s great because you can have all the dependencies inside the container and then just run that as a another command. Also, docker can be used as a container of dependencies to build software. This... [Read More]
  • My (technical) goals for 2018

    There’s always a lot to do and learn and I wish that 2018 will be a good year of growth, personal and technical. Here are some goals that I want to complete this year. [Read More]
  • Creating my own pdsh in Rust

    As my learning path in Rust continues, I decided to write a little application that can help me at work. Currently I’m working on building administrative tools for HPC Clusters where it’s common to have development environments where a set of nodes is involved (we use vagrant to build a... [Read More]
  • Code review on Tokio chat example - Part 1

    In my journey learning Rust I decided to take a look to the Tokio project. Tokio is a project to write fast networking code in Rust, it uses a set of concepts new to me, like futures among other things. [Read More]