• Modify type elements with Golang interfaces

    I’m using Golang in a side project at work and today I faced one of my first encounters with interfaces. I needed to use a function to perform the same operation for a group of types, in this case of structs. [Read More]
  • Understanding Rust Enums

    One of the first things that I saw in Rust is that a lot of API functions returns some Option<T> of Result<T, E> types. It turns out that these values are enums, but they differ from the classical definition, at least the one that I’m used to. [Read More]
  • Creating a CentOS 7 docker image

    This post is not particularly innovator. There is a lot of pages and tutorials on how to create docker images. I noticed that most of these tutorials focus on projects for web technologies. Although this is one the biggest usages of Docker it is not the only one. [Read More]
  • Parsing command line arguments on Rust

    Command line parsing is needed on every program that receives parameters from the user. The clap crate helps us to have a really nice command line parser with a lot of features enabled. [Read More]
  • My first steps on Rust

    Has been a couple of days since I started to try Rust. I was scared about the syntax which I found a little strange. I’m not a programmer, I’m an eletronics engineer that somehow learn to use Linux and code a bit and now is working as a Software development... [Read More]
  • The first post

    This is the first post, I’m still testing the features of jekyll at this point. Testing some inline code int x = 0; [Read More]